Driving / Co-driving

Driving / Co-driving

Throughout the years, our guests have experienced what it’s really like to be a rally driver or a co-driver. Furthermore, we have provided our guests with the expertise of our instructors to show them how to improve their driving or co-driving skills. With this, ESC shows its commitment to the passion and spirit that brought them into this world.

FIA Action for Road Safety – Losanne Winter Youth Olympic Games (2020)
After the great success of Buenos Aires, another e-Kart activity was held but this time in the beautiful city centre of Losanne, in Switzerland during the Winter Youth Olympic Games. Promoting road safety is one of the key objectives of the FIA and signposting the younger generation to an important worldwide event such as the Olympics is crucial to ensure better awareness from future drivers.

FIA Action for Road Safety – Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games (2018)
A new collaboration with the FIA - La Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile began at the BAYOG, the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games, in 2018. The aim was to create a route of 10 different activities, each representing one of the FIA “Golden Rules” and once all of them were completed, the guests could access a free of charge e-Kart driving activity. For this purpose, a proper race track was built within the Olympic park, together with electric go karts, lap-timers, a registration tent and changing rooms. The activity lasted for 4 weeks, and numbered more than 500 people, with a great combination of sport, road education and eco-friendly mobility.

BFGoodrich Desert Experience – Dubai (2003-2005)
Guests from the famous tyre brand participated in activities such as desert tours with the Mitsubishi Pajero T1 Dakar, desert jumps with a Pro-Truck and rally driving on a gravel surface with a Subaru WRX STI.

Rally Driving Experience – Finland (2005 - 2012)
Originally based in Ivalo and then later in the Action Park in Saariselka, this Rally Driving Experience was providing the opportunity to drive authentic Subaru Impreza STI rally cars on ice, snow tracks and even on a rally stage. Six specially designed and prepared Subaru Impreza STI rally cars were available.

VIP Car – WRC France - Sardegna (2006)
Stéphane Peterhansel, Bruno Saby and Luc Alphand were the VIP drivers in Mitsubishi Evo VI Group N cars.

BFGoodrich Rally Driving Experience – Cyprus (2006)
The Citroen C2 Challenge and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI were the two cars used by the guests on this occasion. They faced two challenges - rally driving and pace note training.

BFGoodrich Grip Challenge – Europe (2006-2007)
This challenge was held throughout multiple countries across Europe and all of them were held on asphalt circuits. 6 Subaru WRX STI were specially prepared for the driving and codriving experience

BFGoodrich Rally Driving Experience – Malaysia (2007)
The Citroen C2 Challenge and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI were the cars used, with the addition of the Subaru WRX STI as well.

Citroën Rally Experience – (2007-2013)
With this collaboration, a travelling structure was developed with 4 Citroen C2 R2 Max and a Citroën C2 Super 1600 in the colors of the C4 WRC of Sébastien Loeb evolving to 4 Citroën DS3 and Citroën Rally DS3 R3.
In 2012 and 2013, Michelin also joined the collaboration of ESC with Citroën.

Subaru Boxer Diesel Cup – France (2009)
Complete organisation of the Cup, in collaboration with Subaru and the French Federation (FFSA). The objective was to organise a championship to help future rally talent. The winner of the Cup had the opportunity to compete with a Subaru Impreza N14 in the 2010 French Rally Championship.

VIP Car – IRC (2011-2015)
Drivers such as Ari Vatanen in 2011 demonstrated the adrenaline of a real rally stage to the guests.

VIP Car – WRC France (2013)
Subaru STI Group N was the chosen car for this particular occasion.

Hyundai WRC VIP Co-Drive – WRC (2014 - ongoing…)
Guests have a truly unique opportunity: on the Monday post-rally they are able to sit in the co-driver seat with one of the official Hyundai drivers in the Hyundai WRC rally car. A once in a lifetime opportunity where guests have the chance to experience all the sensations of a authentic WRC rally car.

Volkswagen Rally Driving Experience – (2015-2019)
In 2015, ESC initiated with Volkswagen the creation of a Rally Driving Experience program for VW guests. This unbelievable experience enabled the guests to improve their driving skills with a full day driving program that would take place during the official rally weekends on private tracks. 7 VW Golf R were ready and prepared for everyone to enjoy, under the guidance of highly experienced racing instructors.
Following the success of ESC with the “VW Driving Experience”, VW France chose the expertise of European Sport Communication by entrusting the organisation with development of its own VW Driving Experience. Different types of exercises were organised, on tarmac and gravel, each of them with the aim of improving the driving skills of the guests and thus achieving better car control in case of any real-life situation.

Toyota Gazoo Racing VIP Co-Drive – WRC (2017 – ongoing…)
VIP guests have the chance to “be in the shoes” of a co-driver by sitting alongside the official TGR rally drivers!

Porsche Macan GTS – (2015 – ongoing…)
ESC offers the Porsche Macan GTS as a driving experience! The Macan GTS has 360bhp integrated in a V6 Bi-Turbo engine. Do not be fooled by its 1895Kg, come and take the wheel of this beast and, with the help of our professionals, discover how agile it can be!

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