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Some of our most remarkable adventures:

CITROËN & PEUGEOT 2019 Importers Challenge reward trip - PANAMA
Over the course of 1 week, both brands participated together in an adventurous journey. Starting with a 3-night stay at a hotel in the middle of the jungle: a special moment to meet and engage with the local communities and discover the surrounding flora and fauna.

Then, it was time to visit the city: this part of the trip offered our guests the opportunity to soak up the culture of the country with a visit to the Panama Canal, the famous locks and the cosmopolitan districts of the city.
CITROËN & PEUGEOT 2018 Importers Challenge reward trip - PHILIPPINES
The two brands were brought together on an adventure that was designed to be a whirlwind trip through the islands of the Philippines.

This 7-day trip started with a visit to Cebu, to understand the cultural & spiritual foundations of the region. The next stop was Bohol to sample the joys of the seaside. And finally, meeting with the local community on the island of Pamilacan.
CITROËN & PEUGEOT 2017 Importers Challenge reward trip - ANDALUCIA
During this week, the guests of both brands were able to discover Andalucian culture through various workshops, such as a Spanish cooking class, a Flamenco show, an Andalucian music class and the tasting of traditional cuisine.

Visits to the main cultural sites were also organised: from the majestic Seville Cathedral to the famous Alhambra Palace in Granada.

And last but not least, in order to offer a bit of Spanish relaxation, the stay ended on the warm beaches of Marbella.
CITROËN & PEUGEOT 2016 Importers Challenge reward trip - ICELAND
This two week tour started with Peugeot who were then followed by Citroën.

The guests discovered everything about the mysterious lands of Iceland by exploring the raw and wild beauty of the island through a variety of activities: snowmobiling on a glacier, watching whales in their natural environment, exploring sacred places and the Golden Circle, swimming in the Blue Lagoon spa resort and sampling typical traditional meals.

And of course, a mandatory visit to Reykjavik had to be done.
CITROËN & PEUGEOT Importers Challenge reward trip 2015 - MEXICO
Citroen guests were with us during the first week of the trip, and during the second week, it was the turn of the Peugeot guests. The aim was to show them the most iconic sites of the region of Riviera Maya.

The stay was also rich in sports activities such as swimming in the "cenotes" or by attempting a challenging circuit in the heart of an adventure park!
Challenge Award Travel Importers CITROËN 2014 - PORTUGAL
For 7 days “Service & Parts Management colleagues” enjoyed an array of activities. The guests visited the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, as well as the region of Algarve, and during these days’ time was dedicated to the Portuguese gastronomy.

And there was no better way to end the week than by experiencing the action of Rally Portugal and the adrenaline of a driving and co-driving session with rally cars!
CITROËN Importers Challenge Reward Travel 2013 - GB
(Service & Parts Management Colleagues) England: A twin city trip based in London and Edinburgh allowing guests to sample Anglo-Saxon culture with a visit to London's premier tourist attraction, a speed-boat activity on the Thames, before watching a Chelsea football match.

In Scotland, the group had the opportunity to learn about Scottish traditions with activities such as clay pigeon shooting, 4x4 driving and falconry. The stay concluded with a gala dinner, in kilts for the gentlemen and tartans for ladies.
PEUGEOT Importers Challenge Award Travel 2013
(Service & Parts Management Colleagues) Corsica: this 1-week trip allowed Peugeot importers from around the world to visit the wonders of the island by boat, 4x4 vehicle and helicopter.
Travel Reward Challenge Importers PEUGEOT 2013
(Service & Parts Management) Norway: 8-day cruise along the Norwegian coast line.
Reward Travel Challenge Importers CITROËN 2012
(Service & Parts Management Colleagues) Corsica: A 5-day trip to Ajaccio which included shopping, a boat trip and a scenic helicopter ride over the bay of Bonifacio.
The BFGoodrich Rally Challenge 2007
After a successful event in Cyprus, the next event was organised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2007. The guests got immersed into the world of rallying with a Citroën C2 Challenge car, Mitsubishi Evo VI Gp.N and cross kart on a gravel track that replicated the features of a rally stage.
The BFGoodrich Grip Challenge
For four consecutive years, a 6 monthly bi-annual event was held in Dubai for BFGoodrich. It was a "driving experience" that provided an opportunity for over 2,500 guests to drive authentic racing cars like the Mitsubishi Pajero Evo T1, Pro-Trucks, ASA and a Subaru Impreza STI. In addition to all this, guests had the chance to lower their adrenaline levels and relax in a beautiful 5 star hotel.
The BFGoodrich Grip Sessions
A 2 month long “Road Show” presentation, taking place at many European circuits with the aim of showcasing the new tyres developed by BFGoodrich mounted on Subaru Impreza STI and Legend Cars, numbering approximately 300 guests in total.
Michelin Winter Spirit
A pure snow and ice "Driving Experience" to test the limits of tyres in low grip conditions through the Finnish region of Lapland. SUV cars such as the BMW X5 and Mitsubishi Pajero were mainly used, alongside Subaru Impreza STI Group N rally cars. The program also offered other amazing winter adventures to the hundreds of participants such as snowmobile safaris and dog sledding.
The Dubai Adventure Tour for Peugeot SVO
Many VIP activities were offered in the luxurious area of Dubai and its desert surroundings.
As we as high-class VIP accommodation, this adventurous tour featured driving experiences in the sand dunes at the wheel of Hummer cars, many kinds of watersports and scenic helicopter flights over the rich city of the United Arab Emirates.
The Tunisian Desert Challenge for Citroën
A beautiful mix of adrenaline and relaxation, this tour started with a 3 day rally raid program in the southern Saharan desert driving 4x4 vehicles, buggies and ATVs in the sand dunes. The guests could also enjoy the stunning scenery of the desert landscape complete with bivouacs, before relaxing for the final 2 days of the tour in a Club-Med resort.
Travel to Dubai
After organising many VIP trips for key clients such as Peugeot, Citroën, Michelin, BFGoodrich and Subaru in Dubai, ESC can boast of vast experience in offering customised trips to this destination. Guests can choose from a wide range of unforgettable activities such as desert driving experiences with 4x4s or ATVs and Bivouacs, watersports or leisure time in spa facilities or resorts.

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